Winner of Professional Jeweller’s Emerging Jewellery Brand of the Year, Astra, has added to its ‘love’ story line ahead of the Valentine’s gifting season.

The New Zealand-based brand offers jewellers stylish, personalised jewellery, based on seven stories: Love; Family/Friends; Wedding; Anniversary; Birthday; Hobby/Passion and Faith/Luck.

For SS19, the brand, which has been enjoying rapid growth in the UK market since winning big at the PJ Awards, has designed new pieces for consumers looking to gift loved ones.


The new ‘Key to My Heart’ piece features a key motif and represents the sharing of secrets and love, while ‘Heart in Heart’, nods to two people uniting together.

Elsewhere, ‘Love Everlasting’ presents a bright heart intertwined with the age-old symbol of infinity – the unbroken figure-eight motif. As a gift, it tells the story of a love that cannot be broken and for the wearer it carries the sweetness of love that lasts for all time.

With the tagline ‘Everyone Has a Story’, Astra creates products for consumers to celebrate milestones and special occasions with a piece of jewellery.

Every piece has a special meaning behind it, which is explained in a gift card presented in the packaging. Shoppers can also add their own special message too.

Speaking about the SS19 launch, Astra’s creative director, James Hu, shares: “Letting consumers tell their love story with Astra jewellery is the concept behind each piece of our jewellery. We believe that a piece of jewellery is a statement of the moment of your life or your well-being. Astra’s team is inspired by sparkles of people’s life stories. We will continue to follow our consumers’ life journey and create jewellery about their life.”