Award-winning jewellery brand Astra launched shop-in-shop furniture at Inhorgenta Munich, which is now available for UK retailers to place in store.

The New Zealand-based firm, which scooped the Emerging Jewellery Brand of the Year accolade at last year’s Professional Jeweller Awards, believes the shop-in-shop furniture will allow consumers to really engage with its story concept.

Astra focuses on the milestones and special moments in a woman’s life – allowing consumers to personalise their story with the brand’s pieces.


The brand helps retailers push its ‘everyone has a story’ concept by displaying products in seven categories: Love, Family/Friend, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Passion/ Hobby and Faith/luck. This allows customers to find their story more easily, with the shop-in-shop furniture really bringing the stories to life in the physical retail store.

The Astra shop-in-shop display features seven draws – each one dedicated to one of the story categories. Customers are invited to open the draws and start a journey to discovering the products and what they represent.

Astra creative director, James Hu, shares: “In the last few years we have heard from lots of retail stores around world discuss that there are less consumers, especially younger consumers going to their stores. We want to help retail stores bring consumers to their stores. Jewellery is a very personal piece for everyone. It always has a story or personal connection behind it. As such, we have created a journey for consumers to find their story in retail stores.”

The Astra shop-in-shop engages with consumers in retail stores with a ‘find your story now’ shopping experience.

Five stores in Europe signed up to open Astra shop-in-shops when they saw it come it in action at Inhorgenta Munich.

For more details of the Astra shop-in-shop contact the brand’s UK distributor JVX at