Azza Fahmy jewellery for the British Museum.

Luxury Egyptian jewellery house, Azza Fahmy, has created a second bespoke capsule retail jewellery collection for the British Museum.

The new collection will be available both in the Museum’s Grenville Room and exhibition shop.

The Azza Fahmy for The British Museum collection supports the Egypt: Faith after the Pharaohs exhibition (October 29- February 7), which explores the early development and co-existence of the three faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – in Eygpy from 30 BC after the death of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.


Amina Ghali, head of design and Azza Fahmy’s daughter, took on the commission to create the Azza Fahmy for the British Museum collection.  

Inspired by imagery of coins that form part of the exhibition together with early 18th century French pocket watches, Amina reflects the essence of the exhibition while remaining true to the Azza Fahmy ethos of translating cultural references into jewellery designs.

Hand-crafted in the Azza Fahmy trademark mix of sterling silver fused with 18ct gold components, the collection consists of four distinct pieces: two pendant coin necklaces, a collar coin necklace and a pair of earrings.

The coin pendants individually depict The Cross and Arabic calligraphy (which features the phrase ‘God is One’) both of which give a nod to the style of early 18th century French pocket watches while The Roman Head is treated to an antique appearance. The Hand of Fatima (an amulet of strength and protection) earrings features geometric motifs.

Fashionably mixing history, culture and modern style the pieces are offered with precious and semi-precious stones option of diamonds, amethyst, garnets or green onyx.

The collection will be supported by carefully selected pieces from the Azza Fahmy 2015 Hands’ range.

Amina Ghali says:  “We are delighted to have been invited to collaborate with this iconic institution once again.  A natural part of our design approach is to creatively include cultural references by way of story-telling. The coins captured that sense of history and really resonated giving us artistic scope to encapsulate elements of the exhibition in the creation of jewellery pieces that perfectly complements the exhibition’s dialogue.”

Angela Pountney, buying manager at The British Museum Company, comments: “The strong Egyptian theme in this exhibition offered us the perfect opportunity to work with the Azza Fahmy team again. The high standard of craftsmanship, but with a modern approach reflect the commercial interpretation we have developed across a wide range of categories and price points”.

The collection will be initially available exclusively at the British Museum’s stores and their online site for one month and will then be extended to Azza Fahmy retail outlets and their online boutique.