International luxury jewellery design house Azza Fahmy has extended its popular Gypsy collection for 2019.

Designed by the company’s head of design, Amina Ghali, the 14-piece extension, which has been handcrafted in Egypt, reflects the art-deco era, realised through intricate shapes, fine craftsmanship and enchanting storytelling.

The new pieces exemplify signature brand design elements, showcased in poetic calligraphy skilfully weaved through as part of the final designs. Products also feature precious and semi-precious stones, some of which are unique, one-of-a-kind stones, making pieces even more special for the end consumer.


Renowned for the use of cultural and historical references reflected in timeless designs, Azza Fahmy takes us on a visual journey across scenic landscapes, taking inspiration from Turkish and North African desert communities and the modern nomad traveller.

The collection, which offers three stories within one, also draws inspiration from iconic French architecture and art, with references to Fabergé, delicate lace and intricate iron-work, shown in pieces such as the gold hoops and silver and gold bangle.

Key pieces from the collection include a delicate charm necklace that can be worn at different lengths, to offer a versatile piece that can be styled in various ways. The striking necklace has been crafted using a new ruby beading technique, to inject vibrant flashes of colour. A statement three-headed snake ring adorned with precious stones available in 18ct gold with ruby, sapphires and diamond also takes centre-stage, alongside an innovative cuff available in Arizona turquoise and black onyx.

Take a look at the new products here: