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Bamboo Vera readies for trade debut at Jewellery & Watch


Jewellery designer, Naomi Stacey, will debut her new brand, Bamboo Vera, at the upcoming Jewellery & Watch show.

Bamboo Vera launched in September last year, after Naomi Stacey decided to go it alone following a successful career designing for the likes of Accessorize and Zara.

Here, she talks to Professional Jeweller about her brand and why she has decided now is the right time to bring it to the UK jewellery trade at Jewellery & Watch.

What encouraged you to start Bamboo Vera and what is your background in jewellery design?

I studied at Central St. Martins and moved from fine into fashion jewellery in recent years. I designed for everyone from Accessorize to Zara and most of the High Street in between. More recently I witnessed the sad decline of fashion jewellery, and the constant demand for competitive pricing leading to compromised design and quality. Like so many, I fell out of love, but I was determined to bring it back for those like myself, so I focused on individual design, best affordable finish, and all presented in a unique Bamboo Vera keepsake box.

What sets Bamboo Vera apart from the competition?

Design firstly, Bamboo Vera’s designs start as a tiny glimmer of an idea, and eventually after lots of visual research these creatures and blooms come alive as charms. My inspiration comes from personal experiences and memories, as well as my exotic family and friends. Also, for me, the Bamboo Vera branding is essential. Keeping the brand true to our aesthetic is what will keep our product offer unique and set us apart through social media marketing.

Each Bamboo Vera product comes in a keepsake box.

What do you specialise in and what sort of retail customers are you targeting? 

We are looking to work with fashion boutiques, gift stores and independent jewellers. The Bamboo Vera launch collection is a mix of fashion and gifting. The new sterling silver range should tempt the independent jewellers to view and stock our Bamboo Vera Menagerie collections as well. We describe it as “a curious collection of exotic creatures, cherished charms & unusual things…”

As a new business what have been the challenges you have come up against to get established? 

As a small company with limited resources it is daunting negotiating your way through the workload. Every time you face an unknown challenge, you have a mini wobble, and then wonder what all the worry was about! Cliché I know, but I remind myself daily, “one step at a time” and “fortune favours the brave”. I have also received a huge amount of support which I can’t thank everyone enough for.

Why did you choose Jewellery & Watch and what do you hope to achieve at the show? 

We chose Jewellery & Watch 2020 to launch Bamboo Vera as it attracts a diverse range of buyers from fashion boutiques, gift stores and independent jewellers, impressively from all over the UK. It’s a great way to showcase a new jewellery brand like Bamboo Vera, as it will help us grow our brand exposure and meet some of the best and most influential buyers in the industry. We’re incredibly excited to be taking part.

Naomi Stacey, founder and designer, Bamboo Vera.

What are your current sales channels and what are your goals for the brand? 

We launched our B2C website in September and the B2B side is just being completed now. We’re keen to make ordering wholesale at Bamboo Vera as easy and accessible as possible throughout the year. The Jewellery & Watch show is our key opportunity to meet buyers personally. I see Bamboo Vera as a cherished charm in every jewellery box, something unusual to surprise and delight… and I hope our customers do too.

Find Bamboo Vera in Hall 1, Stand 1C33 at Jewellery & Watch from February 2-6, 2020.


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