International buyers should support the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair.

In what we hope are the final days of horrific flooding in Bangkok, it is time to look forward to Thailand’s most exciting jewellery exhibition.

As flood waters begin to recede, and the Thai authorities appear to have successfully prevented a catastrophe in city centre, the risk of the February Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair being postponed or cancelled appear to have been averted.


A meeting of the organisers this week is expected to conclude that the show can proceed, as planned, from February 9-13 at the Impact Challenger exhibition centre.

The uncertainty of the past few weeks has been a testing time for the Gems & Jewelry Fair’s management team, and their resolve to ensure that the 49th outing for the show will proceed deserves considerable praise.

Exhibitors and visitors must now demonstrate the same determination to make this landmark event as successful as it always has been over the past two decades.

That should not be too difficult for those of us travelling to the Thai capital in February. The Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair has always been a pleasurable and effective place to do business and this year will be on exception.

The organisers are promising we will meet over 1,200 exhibitors from 35 countries including the UK, Italy, Russia, USA, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Israel. Up to 35,000 visitors are expected to attend to see showcases in 16 specific areas ranging from loose stones to manufacturers to emerging young designers.

Bangkok is battling to recover from the tragedy of the current floods, and we will all have a chance to give tangible support to the residents of the city and wider country in February by attending the 49th Gems & Jewelry Fair. We hope that we will see you there.