Designers submit ideas for a new name plaque for the office premises.

By Deepa Narwani

The Birmingham Assay Office and The Bullion Room have announced a competition to create a new name plate for the Assay office, after it was stolen earlier this year.


Designers are being given free rein to submit their ideas for the silver plaque that will replace the one stolen from the office’s premises at Newhall Street in the Jewellery Quarter.

Local bullion dealer The Bullion Room has offered to manufacture the plaque using silver and studded diamonds that it gifted to the Assay Office after the theft.

It will be mounted on one of the two stone pillars flanking the entrance to the Assay Office with increased security provided by The Bullion Room.

Eamon Geoghan of The Bullion Room said: “We want designers to have as much scope as possible so there are very few restrictions on design. The only criteria are that the plaque is suitable to be fixed securely, includes the words the Assay Office, and leaves space for a large hallmark including the Diamond Jubilee Mark.”

Michael Allchin, chief executive and Assay Master described the offer from The Bullion Room as “extremely generous”.

“The new silver plaque will become part of our heritage and although we are sad to have lost the original, which had been in place for decades, we are pleased that we can offer such a great opportunity to the pool of talent that we have in Birmingham to create a brand new design,” said Allchin.

The closing date for entries is August 30.