Retailers encouraged to get trained in “difficult economic times”.

The Birmingham Assay Office (BAO) has launched a number of new education and training courses in a bid to help increase retailer confidence at a time when it says it is most important.

The BAO has launched the new course in reaction to “today’s difficult economic times”, emphasising that staff knowledge and confidence when selling is more important than ever.


The Assay Office’s education and training division in Birmingham is said to be going from “strength-to-strength”, and as a result has created new courses for the remainder of 2012.

The new line up include courses on hallmarks and important gemstones, understanding coloured gemstones, buying scrap gold and silver and understanding diamonds. Each course has an added practical element and will be given by qualified experts in each field.

The BAO said: “With precious metal prices continuing at an all time high, the Buying Scrap Gold and Silver course has been particularly successful, with dates selling out almost as soon as they are announced.

“Delegate feedback for these training days has also been fantastic. One recent participant, Simon Hammond, said the course had been invaluable and exceeded his expectations in terms of the content of the day.”

New dates for courses at the Birmingham Assay Office

Buying Scrap Gold & Silver Courses
Wednesday 30th May 2012
Tuesday 26th June 2012
Wednesday 25th July 2012
Wednesday 5th September 2012
Wednesday 26th September 2012
Wednesday 24th October 2012

Identifying Hallmarks & Important Gemstones
Tuesday 4th September 2012
Tuesday 6th November 2012

Understanding Coloured Gemstones
Tuesday 25th September 2012
Tuesday 13th November 2012

Understanding Diamonds
Tuesday 24th July 2012
Tuesday 21st August 2012
Tuesday 18th September 2012
Tuesday 23rd October 2012
Tuesday 27th November 2012