Baroque pioneers the use of new diamond cut

Brighton-based retailer announces plans for new square cut of diamond.

Baroque Bespoke Jewellery in Brighton has unveiled its plans to work with the exclusive cut of diamond known as the Lucere.

Plans to use the diamond are currently being hatched in the company’s shop and workshop, which is owned by jewellery designers Pippa Knowles, Kyle McIntosh and Jason French. They are set to design a new engagement ring collection around the square-cut diamond, which boasts a brilliant 65 facets.

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This Lucere diamond is a cut-cornered square shape, which has 25 facets to the step-cut crown and another 40 facets on the brilliant-cut pavilion – this combination of multiple facets and symmetry is said to offer a more brilliant and sparkling diamond compared to other classic square cuts.

“We were approached with the chance to use this stunning diamond because we are known in our bespoke work for using unusual stones and cuts," said Knowles.

"The Lucere is ideal for customers who are seeking a square stone such as an Asscher-cut, yet are attracted to the brilliance of a radiant-cut or brilliant-cut diamond. We have found that many of these diamond cuts are not perfectly square – the Lucere is cut perfectly square, so it really achieves the symmetry of the Art Deco style that some of our designs need and in turn that our customers are happy with," she added.

Baroque Jewellery is currently the only jeweller in the south-east that are using the Lucere cut. The company is working with an Antwerp-based diamond supplier and are hoping to add Korloff diamonds to its portfolio.

Knowles added: "So far we have being using the stones in bespoke commissions only and the response has been fantastic, so, based on this positive response, we hope to launch a new engagement collection in our shop based around the unique diamond very soon."




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