Chimento’s sales director, Michele Battagiloli shares the brand’s vision for the UK market and focus this year.

How has business been for Chimento in the last 12 months?
Both challenging and satisfying. Chimento as a company have spent the last 12 months re-shaping the business to make sure the organisation has the best structure to continue both our international and home market growth. This particularly in our home market has involved several changes. We have been very focused on making sure our Italian market and international markets better represent each other. This has meant we have had to make sure that like our international market, in Italy we work with the correct partners and the correct product lines.

What’s the brand’s focus for the next 12 months?
To continue the growth of our international retail partner network by offering the finest Italian gold jewellery, that is affordable, wearable and enjoyable. We have a real passion for the jewellery we make and we want to be able to share this with as many people as possible. We know we can only do this by working with the correct retailers who share our passion for making customers smile.


What products have been performing well for the brand?
The best performing lines throughout 2016 have been very classic and typical Chimento collections such as Stretch, Armillas and Bamboo. Overall we have seen the key RRPs of £1000- £2500 being the fast movers. Even though we offer products starting from £200 upwards it seems to be the slightly bolder pieces that our clients are going for.

What’s Chimento’s goals for the UK market?
To continue growing our customer base in the UK is the most obvious answer. However we are very focused on getting the correct partners in the correct locations for 2017, more than just increasing the numbers.