Luxury watch and jewellery show, Baselworld, is maintaining its planned timetable, despite coronavirus concerns and big brands pulling out.

The show says preparations for Baselworld are in full swing and at the present moment, with precautions and measures to protect against the coronavirus undertaken, the show plans to open on April 30 2020. 

“Baselworld 2020 is on track,” shares Baselworld managing director, Michel Loris-Melikoff. “We are planning the coming show as intended. Based on the comprehensive information our monitoring team has collected to-date, we have no reason to doubt it at all.


“The marketing of the halls is now complete, with numerous innovations to showcase the new Baselworld experience. We are also pleased by the growing number of exhibitors, even in the gemstone sector where, for instance, we record an increase of 50 percent.”

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Event organisers say they are closely monitoring the coronavirus, which has seen other shows postpone or cancel this year.

According to the MD a comprehensive health action plan has been drawn up for rapid deployment if necessary.

He says: “We are in close contact with the respective health and other authorities. In coordination with the most important stakeholders of our industries, we are respecting all official procedures and recommendations to ensure the safety of the exhibitors, visitors and staff.”

Based on available information to-date, Baselworld confirms it will take place from April 30-May 5 2020.