Switzerland-based trade show Baselworld has announced the 2018 edition will favour “quality over quanitity”.

Following the show’s announcement that it will reducing the duration of the exhibitions from eight to six days, Baselworld has now revealed the exhibitors list will be cut by half.

In a statement sent out today Baselworld said the number of companies at the 2018 edition will be between 600-700, down 1,300 from 2017.


“Baselworld remains faithful to its strategy of quality and diversity,” cited the newsletter. “However, the watch and jewellery market is undergoing a period of profound change, fire and foremost through the increasing consolidation of the market in terms of production and marketing, but also through the challenges and opportunities of digital technology.”

It continued: “Responding to this development, Baselworld 2018 presents iteself in a denser and more concentrated form in several respects. The duration of the show will be shortened by two days and will run for six days. The number of exhibiting companies will be between 600 and 700. The show does not rely on quantity, but will remain the leading event for premier global brands.”

The Baselworld 2018 concept was developed in close cooperation with the fair’s most important exhibitors.

Eric Bertrand, president of the Baselworld Exhibitors’ Committee, shared: “I believe that these are the first streps in a very forward-looking directions.”

Baselworld 2018 will be the first step in a new, forward-looking concept. In order to continue to meet the industry’s needs, all efforts to develop the traditional trade show into an expanded marketing and communication platform will be pursued.

From 2018, new forms of real-time digital communication will be offered. At the same time, conceptual approaches for future editions are already being developed.


  1. I agree with Daniel and don’t know why, apart from their revenue they are bothering with the Tuesday in the second week. They have over-charged Exhibitors and Visitors for many years but especially recently. I have stayed at the Three Kings and the Plaza outside of Baaselworld and travelled by taxis in Basel for a fraction of the price they charge during BaselWorld. Geneva during SIHH does not inflate prices in my experience and you can stay in Lausanne, Neuchatel and France for good prices quite easily. It would be best if they moved the whole thing to Geneva now. I hope Rolex, Swatch and Patek are listening. Leave the jewellery companies there if that’s what they wish and compete with Vicenza.

  2. The exodus of exhibitors is the result of continous arrogance and over charging their clients. It is mainly a loss of exhibitors from the jewellery sector. These companies are not willing anymore to pay charges, which are just obscene (like 5000 Swiss Franks for Catalogue Entry or 350 Swiss Franks for a week Car Parking) and move on to other international fair like Munich, Vicenza or HongKong, which are much more sensible and customer focused.
    Basel never took care for the jewellery sector, they always just and an eye for the Swiss watch brands