Baselworld’s demise might have had you dreaming that you would never again have to face the gouging hotels, taxis, bars and restaurants or the misery of the Basel architecture east of the River Rhine.

Think again.

Baselworld’s management at MCH Group has announced that a brand new watch and jewellery show named HourUniverse will take place in April 2021, and it will be back where it all began in Basel.


MCH Group says it has spent two months canvassing opinions from the industry before revealing its plan that aims to: “unite and support a whole community that wants to regroup, make a new start and is receptive to change”.

The aim is to create a community of businesses and consumers that will engage all year round, either through a digital platform, which is under construction, or live and virtual events.

“The new concept is a B2B2C meeting point that places the customer at the heart of its focus, reversing the order of the past. The entire platform is thought out and designed around the customer. This applies to all players of the distribution chain, traditional and online retailers, including those of the CPO (certified Pre-Owned),” a statement for the launch says.

HourUniverse’s big show in Basel will be aligned with Watches & Wonders and the Rolex-led show that takes place in Geneva in April.

The aim is to ensure that people will only have to travel to Switzerland once a year.

MCH says a detailed concept will be unveiled towards the end of August.