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Bath jewellery store closes after two decades as ‘stalwart of the high street’


A much-loved jewellery store in Bath has closed its doors for good after more than two decades in the city.

Alexandra May Jewellery, owned by Alexandra May, has been a ‘stalwart of the high street’ in Bath for the last 23 years but the Covid-19 pandemic coupled with the lack of people buying jewellery sped up the owner’s decision to shut up shop.

The store, situated in Margaret Buildings, switched to online trading and selling via Instagram when the government first forced it to close back in March 2020.

Now Alexandra May now will look to wind down the physical business with an aim to be closed completely by March.

Speaking to Somerset Live, May said: “People just aren’t buying high-end jewellery and they haven’t been for a while. We’re hoping to be done by the end of March so will have discounts on until then.”

The store specialises in selling designer costumer jewellery.

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