Bayco secret gemstone to wow crowds at BaselWorld

US gem company building buzz around "extraordinary" stone.

New York stone company Bayco has promised to unveil a precious gemstone "unlike anything anyone has ever seen before" at BaselWorld later this month.

The company is beginning to create buzz around the launch by refusing to reveal any details about the gem, which it will reveal on the opening day of the Swiss show, April 25th, at its stand at 12pm local time.

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Moris Hadjibay, a co-owner of Bayco, stated: “It will be unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. It is our great privilege to be the ones to unveil this gift from the earth of such magnitude for the world to see. This is truly a masterpiece of mother nature.”

The stone is said to have already received a leather-bound Gem Portrait gemmological report from the Gübelin Gem Laboratory in Switzerland, of which only a handful have ever been created.

Daniel Nyfeler, managing director of the Gübelin Gem Laboratory in Lucerne, Switzerland, said: “This is the first [gem] of its type that we have given such a book. That in itself should make a statement about the exceptionality of this gem.”

In order to receive a Gem Portrait a gemstone must be rated as exceptional by all senior gemmologists on staff.

Bayco said it is extremely excited to see the reaction from visitors to its stand at BaselWorld.



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