Katherine Ryan, host of All That Glitters. Image courtesy of BBC/Twenty Twenty Productions Ltd/Justin Downing.

All That Glitters season two is set to begin filming soon, presumably with another spring release date in mind as was the case with its debut season this year.

The show’s casting account on Instagram has put out the call for members of the public who are in need of wedding jewellery and would be open to the show’s contestants designing a bespoke piece for them.

As with the first season, each episode’s final challenge is a bespoke piece that sees the contestants go head to head, each designing a unique piece for a specific brief provided by a member of the public.


Now All That Glitters is looking for more people in need of jewellery, with production company Twenty Twenty posting on Instagram.

The posts call for one person who wants a piece of jewellery designed to thank their father, and another needing bespoke wedding jewellery.

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