BCTF launches online directory for Harrogate fair

Site gives buyers a chance to view and order direct from jewellers.

The British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF), organiser of the annual Harrogate craft show, has announced the launch of a new directory listing for exhibitors at the fair, designed to be a year-round tool for buyers seeking new products.

The new site, dubbed BCTF Online, operates as a web-based catalogue that allows jewellery buyers to view and order from designers set to exhibit at the next BCTF Harrogate show, scheduled for April 2014.

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The launch of BCTF Online is part of the organiser’s drive to better develop its representation of exhibitors online. The new site is described as "the most comprehensive web catalogue of its kind", with more than 500 featured designers of which at least 120 are craft-led jewellers.

BCTF Online and BCTF Harrogate managing director Margeret Bunn said: "We have been developing an online catalogue to sit side-by-side with the British Craft Trade Fair for some years, and this has become a successful part of our business.

"In the past there has been some confusion over the directory’s association with BCTF; confusion that extended to both buyers and exhibitors so we decided to do two things to clarify its role – change the name of the directory to bring it in line with BCTF and make entry into the new catalogue a part of exhibitors benefits when they book an exhibition stand at The British Craft Trade Fair."

Now, if an exhibitor is featured on BCTF Online it means they will be exhibiting at the fair in 2014. "The site will become a reference and purchasing point for buyers as well as a valuable source of sales leads for our exhibitors throughout the year," Bunn added.

Each page is built to fit with the style of the individual jewellers featured and all buyers wishing to view BTFC Online will be given a password to enter the catalogue. Browsers can then use tools to refine their searches. The site will also include a Newcomers Gallery that will offer support for new jewellers to ensure they are prepared to supply retailers.

Bunn added: "British craftsmanship has come of age and is being recognised more and more by independents. Consumer support for ‘Made in Britain’ is well documented and very much in demand. Certainly our exhibitors have shed the home spun stigma of yesteryear and are efficient micro businesses with innovative design ideas."



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