With proposal season soon to be upon us, national jewellery retailer Beaverbrooks has revealed the engagement ring trends it believes will sweep the nation in 2019.

The family-run business says while a classic solitaire diamond ring will always be a firm favourite, retailers should prepare to see coloured stones, vintage settings and unique twists take over.

Here are Lorna Haddon, head of diamond rings and jewellery at Beaverbrooks, engagement ring predictions for 2019 :


Halo Designs

Halo rings aren’t going anywhere; the classics will always be the classics. Elegant and sophisticated, halo designs are ideal for a bride-to-be looking to sparkle with style.

“Created to attract attention, a halo design sees a single central diamond encased by smaller diamonds, giving an extra serve of sparkle and creating a style that is reminiscent of vintage engagement rings.”


Coloured Gems

“In 2019, we expect to continue to see brides-to-be turning to coloured stones to find unique engagement rings that truly reflect their personality.

“Pantone’s fashion colour trend report for Spring/Summer 2019 predicts that in the coming year, we will ‘…face the future with empowering colors that provide confidence and spirit; colours that are uplifting; joyful hues that lend themselves to playful expression and take us down a path of creative and unexpected combinations.’ Nowhere is this more relevant than for engagement rings.

“One of the hottest pantone shades for 2019 is Princess Blue, a majestic royal hue, which glistens and gleams.”


Pear Cut Diamonds

“Whilst Pear Cut Diamonds might have once been considered unusual for an engagement ring, in 2019 we expect to see them rapidly gain popularity, helped in part by Ariana Grande’s recent engagement.

“The unique shape is a twist on the classic solitaire diamond ring, but brides-to-be can be creative with the diamond, incorporating them into a halo design or enhance with intricate banding to make an individual and bespoke piece.”


Unique Twists

“In recent years, the ring has been all about the bling – but in 2019 we’ll see this take a twist – quite literally.

“Brides-to-be will move towards rings which make more of the band. This could be a simple twisted, polished platinum band or a central diamond enhanced by row of smaller diamonds entwined with the band. Whether you choose simple or sparkle, the twist creates a unique and eye-catching style.”