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Beaverbrooks offers to swap unwanted Christmas presents for gift cards

Beaverbrooks the Jewellers opened its newly refurbished Basingstoke today (11.11.15) , as part of the company’s nationwide initiative to invest in local towns and refresh existing stores. Festival Place, Basingstoke. Photos by Sarah Gaunt, taken 11.11.15 Sarah Gaunt Photography 07931900834 For Beaverbrooks.

National jeweller, Beaverbrooks, has offered to swap unwanted Christmas present for gift cards and donate them to charity.

The family run retailer is inviting people to take part in a ‘Charity Gift Swap Weekend’. All they have to do is take any unused and unwanted gifts – ranging from toys to books to pyjamas – to their nearest Beaverbrooks store between Friday Jan 3 and Sunday Jan 5.

Donations can then be exchanged for a £10 Beaverbrooks Gift Card, while the gifts will be given to a local charity.

“To celebrate our 100th anniversary, we’re helping make Christmas memories by giving your unwanted gifts to good causes,” says Beaverbrooks on its website.

“We’ve all received Christmas presents that don’t quite hit the mark, whether it’s a Secret Santa present we never needed or an item we wouldn’t usually buy for ourselves. Rather than letting all those unloved presents gather dust or end up in the bin, we want to do something useful with them and donate to a worthy cause this year.”

All items must be in their original condition and packaging, and the jeweller will not accept any clothes that have been worn. Perishable goods with sell by date of less than one month, alcohol, pets and weapons will also not be accepted.

Those who take party in the Charity Gift Swap will receive one £0 Beaverbrooks gift card per person.


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