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Beaverbrooks thief masquerading as businessman in love makes off with £26k of jewellery


A thief passing himself off as a businessman buying an engagement ring made off with two rings and a bracelet after barging into a member of Beaverbrooks staff, a Liverpool court has heard.

Mark Dewhurst made a reconnaissance trip to the store in Liverpool city centre in August 2019, telling staff that he had sold his business in Spain in order to raise funds for the engagement ring, the Liverpool Echo reported.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that the 55-year-old returned to the St John’s Precinct store the next day and asked again to see two rings and a bracelet.

When staff showed him he snatched the jewellery, worth £26,500, and ran from the store, barging into a female member of staff in the process.

Dewhurst was arrested nearly a month later after a police officer recognised him from CCTV pictures, but the stolen jewellery has never been recovered.

The Liverpool Echo reports that Dewhurst has 12 prior convictions for 23 different crimes.

He was sentenced to two years and one month for his latest crime.

The Liverpool Echo quoted Judge Anil Murray as saying: “I’m told there were financial pressures, I’m told there was worry within the family, I’m told there was a level of stress, which may explain why Mr Dewhurst resorted to criminal activity.”


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