Berens & Company, otherwise known as Berry’s Jewellers, has revealed that both profits and turnover were up for the company in the year ending 30 June 2020, in spite of the effects of the first UK lockdown.

By comparison to the previous year, turnover rose by more than £1 million from £33.5 million to £34.6 million.

Meanwhile, operating profit was up from £4.1 million to £4.2 million. This comes despite more than three months of the year being during the pandemic and with enforced shop closures.


The Leeds-based company commented in its financial report: “2020 was impacted by the global pandemic, with our stores closed from 24 March to 14 June 2020.

“Although sales were adversely affected by the store closures, we managed to generate some turnover, primarily through online sales, during this period.

“The company mitigated the reduction in turnover to some extent by utilising Government-funded support.

“The directors are delighted with the performance of the company in this period.”

The report also mentioned awards that Berry’s picked up at both the Professional Jeweller Awards 2019 and the WatchPro Awards 2019.