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Berry’s Jewellers pledges to provide full pay for staff


Award-winning Berry’s Jewellers has made sure staff feel confident and secure during these difficult days.

As the jeweller pulled the shutters on its nine boutiques at the beginning of the week, managing director, Simon Walton, has pledged to pay all staff their normal saleries, whilst also reassuring the team there will be no job losses because of coronavirus.

Group operations manager, Simon Oxby, announced this news on LinkedIn, saying he felt “privileged” to work for a company that support staff.

The post received over 500 likes and many comments from staff, customers and former employees praising the jeweller for being a business that puts its people first.

In fact, it is support for staff that led to the retailer’s managing director picking us the Business Leader of the Year accolade at the 2019 Professional Jeweller Awards.

Like we said on the night, Simon Walton would not want to be singled out from his team as a ‘business leader’, but the amount of votes he received (as well as the cheer from his table on the night) confirmed he was the right man to take home this trophy.

Without a doubt, Walton received the backing from his staff and peers in the trade because he leads by example and really cares for those on his payroll.


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