Bespoke jewellery designer Theo Fennell has revealed that bespoke services are seeing a renaissance thanks to the pandemic.

In the last 14 months the brand claims not only to have seen a high demand for bespoke and made-to-order pieces, but also clients looking to remodel or refurbish existing pieces.

Fennell has been designing and making original jewellery and silverware by hand in his workshop and studio on London’s Fulham Road for over 40 years.


Now, the designer himself told Professional Jeweller: “We have always had a thriving bespoke business which has risen considerably over the last few years, but over these last months we have been inundated with commissions.

“I think people have become much more engaged in what they buy and the process of having things made, and they have had the time.

“There has been a noticeable shift away from mass-produced and ‘fashionable’ jewellery and more attention paid to uniqueness, timelessness and craftsmanship.”

Discussing how bespoke designers can help this trend continue post-pandemic, Fennell added: “We have to produce unique ideas and translate these with great skill into pieces that delight customers for years and generations, as great jewellers have done for centuries! There is no short-cut or trick.”

As to which kinds of pieces in particular have proven popular for Theo Fennell, the designer said: “The more personal pieces have been to the fore and much of our work has had a talismanic quality, not surprising in the prevailing atmosphere.”