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Best ever launches and POS investment leaves Kit Heath on solid ground


Kit Heath insists that investments it has made in strengthening its portfolio and introducing new point-of-sale material this year leaves it in a strong position heading into 2020.

The company has focused heavily on building its brand signature and attracting a new level of retailer over the past 12 months following the earlier success of the first rhodium plated collection that it rolled out.

This year has witnessed the launch of its ‘Bloom’ collection – with its innovative floral design and paper-thin petals mimicking the forms and fragility of nature – and the Empire collection, which offers an imaginative take on the drama of art deco design.

Katie Nickell, creative director of Kit Heath, said the brand regards them as the two most successful launches in its 30-year history.

“We continued to build on the aspirational nature of our collection, bringing out more statement pieces with an innate feel of luxury. The collections offered a mixture of profiles, truly showing off the variety and versatility of the brand,” she said.

Nickell said the “cherry on top” was the introduction of striking POS material that has added a further layer of sophistication to the brand.

“We are upping our game with top notch presentation to marry up with our discernible style and service. It’s a constantly moving feast but one we need to outpace if we are to stay on the path to success.”

Meanwhile, Kit Heath has also sharpened its focus on the US market, where it is now dealing directly with retailers there.

Having recruited 10 new US field sales representatives, the company has seen a significant increase in revenue from across the Pond.

“Our Stateside partners have been hugely impressed with the efficacy and speed of service. The trust that we have built is comforting in these testing times and the new business we are seeing every day is a testament to retailers’ trust in us,” said Nickell.


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