Family-run Betts Metals will now offer ‘single mine origin’ (SMO) gold as consumers increasingly demand suitability and traceability from British jewellers.

The source of most gold is not simple to trace, in part because gold is usually melted together from different most gold in jewellery is not sources and sold as a pure commodity.

SMO however provides a solution to this challenge as the gold is sourced from a single, highly ethical mining operation and refined without coming into contact with any other gold.


In an age where traceability is paramount, the SMO Gold trademark will provide peace of mind for consumers.

Furthermore, as Betts wants to help the industry move towards transparency and ethical practices, SMO gold products will be available to jewellers at no additional cost.

“We are very proud to be at the forefront of creating fully traceable, ethical gold by developing the SMO certification,” says Betts Investments managing director, Charlie Betts. “Ethical traceability is a necessity for today’s consumers. It’s a trend our industry cannot neglect.”

SMO gold is available to jewellers exclusively in the form of wedding rings, casting rings, sheet, wire, and grain, exclusively from ninth-generation family run Betts Metals, leaders in the gold business for over 250 years. Brochures will be available for consumers, detailing information on the gold’s journey from the Yanfolila Gold Mine in Mali to store.

Sustainability is core value for the Yanfolila Gold Mine in Mali, run by Hummingbird Resources plc, which considers it a fundamental duty to run a principled and legitimate operation. The Yanfolila Mine invests back into to the region by providing local communities with healthcare, water and sanitation, education, alternative livelihoods, and more.

All SMO gold is then refined by the UK’s only refinder of fairtrade gold, Betts Metals, without coming into contact with any other gold.

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