The Birmingham Assay Office has launched a special rainbow logo mark, which has been created to be applied as an optional mark alongside the hallmark and date letter for 2020.

The Rainbow Logo Mark will be available for a limited period from July 1 – December 2020.

The mark depicts the rainbow symbol that has become synonymous during the current pandemic. The mark will be applied with the date letter ‘V’ in combination with a statutory hallmark, and can be lasered on gold, silver, platinum or palladium. It can also be applied as a standalone logo on non-precious metal articles.


CEO and assay master, Doug Henry, shares: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been developing an idea which enabled us to say ‘thank you to the NHS’ and also to raise much needed funds for the NHS charities. The rainbow seemed to be the obvious choice, and the addition of the heart to symbolise love, loss and hope during the pandemic.”

The minimum size mark available for the rainbow will be 0.75mm, the additional cost for the mark will be £1.00 and for every mark applied 100% will go to the NHS charities.

Point of Sale material and consumer information will be available from the Birmingham Assay Office from July 1, as a free downloadable PDF.