Episode following Trading Standards Officer focuses on hallmarks.

The Birmingham Assay Office welcomed a television crew recently, with the team behind Watchdog Daily dropping in with a local Trading Standards officer to test items of counterfeit jewellery that had been seized without hallmarks.

TV presenter Shefali Oza followed to actions of Trading Standards officer Gary Singh and his colleagues, after they seized 90 items with a retail value of £25,000, believed to be counterfeit goods bearing fake trademarks or incorrect hallmarks.


The goods were brought to the Birmingham Assay Office to be tested. Only four items were found to have hallmarks and 14 items that were stamped 22ct gold or were being sold as 22ct transpired to be significantly below standard.

The two traders involved will now face legal action, while the programme featuring the Birmingham Assay Office is due to broadcast at 11am on Friday November 16.