Birmingham-based D&M Jewellery Finishers has introduced fairmined gold plating to the UK.

Established in 2004, D&M Jewellery Finishers initially specialised in jewellery but now offers plating services across a wide range of products.

While the firm has always tried to ensure it processes were as environmentally friendly as possible, D&M Jewellery Finishers is now pleased to provide fair-mined plating in Europe and the UK.


Director, Mark Johnston, explains: “Our attentions turned further afield five years ago when we started to research the possibility of using fair-mined gold; gold that comes from small-scale mining communities that has been audited and certified as meeting world leading standards for responsible practices, delivering organisational and social development and environmental protection. By purchasing gold with the Fairmined assurance label we know where the gold comes from and that it is responsibly mined.”

D&M Jewellery Finishers became a Fairmined authorised supplier in 2017 and have been working hard with the organisation and various mines and refineries to enable the production of gold in the format needed for plating.

“It has taken a lot of work and a long time but we are really proud to announce that we are now the first company in the world to be able to offer gold plating using gold that can be guaranteed as being ethically source with the Fairmined accreditation,” Johnston affirms.

He continues: “The gold we are purchasing is from the Iquira mining organisation in Columbia which is located in Columbia’s famous coffee region so the miners alternate seasonally between artisanal gold mining and coffee cultivation. Since they gained their Fairmined accreditation they have been able to establish commercial relationships in Europe and North America enabling them to invest in better administrative facilities for the associates and workers of the cooperative, decreasing the use of mercury by 80%.

“So a little investment in ethically sourced products at our end can change people’s lives all the way down the supply chain.”