Birmingham Jewellery Quarter staple Charles Green & Son has received complaints over plans for its premises to be redeveloped into a block of flats.

The jewellery firm intends to demolish its current factory and replace it with a four-storey block of flats that will also house a new shop space for the business.

The factory was built in the 1970s and has become unfit for purpose and expensive to maintain. As such, the company has taken the decision to relocate to a new, state-of-the-art factory to facilitate future business growth.


Tom Green, chairman at Charles Green & Son, told the Express & Star: “The redevelopment of our current premises allows us to remain in the Jewellery Quarter. Without it, we would be forced to look for suitable space elsewhere in Birmingham or perhaps even outside the city.

“We’ve worked closely with the city council, our neighbours and other stakeholders to design a scheme which works for everyone.”

However, concerns have been raised over the height, size and effect on nearby historic builds, according to the newspaper.

It reported that the Victorian Society, Historic England and even the Jewellery Quarter Development Trust are among those to have raised objections about the build and its proximity to five listed buildings.

A report compiling the views of local residents and businesses mentioned the “detrimental impact” the project would have on the local area, and also labelled the proposed flats as “unacceptably small”, arguing that quality of life for residents would be poor.