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Birmingham jewellers to produce ‘people’s medals’ for NHS pandemic workers


Thomas Fattorini and other jewellers from the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter have agreed to manufacture a special ‘Covid Star People’s Medal’ for NHS workers if an ongoing petition is successful.

British public artist and designer of the medal Harry Gray, known as creator of the Battle of Britain Monument, has launched the petition for every NHS and care worker to receive a medal.

“The idea,” says Gray, “is to create a lasting way for the nation to thank frontline workers, something that can be proudly cherished, worn in daily life, and kept as an heirloom long after the nation’s doorstep applause has ended.”

Thomas Fattorini has agreed to manufacture the medals if the plan goes ahead, with other Birmingham Jewellery Quarter businesses reportedly set to aid in the production of large orders.

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, will be expected to look at the plan if the petition reaches its target of 1,500 signatures.

The not-for-profit project would represent a people’s medal, and not a formal honour on the part of the state.


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