The Banksy mural, which popped up in Birmingham earlier this week, was almost wiped out before it was discovered to be a piece from the world renowned artist.

News broke yesterday that Banksy had created a festive mural, highlighting homelessness at Christmas, on a wall in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

It almost wasn’t discovered though because a member of the Jewellery Quarter Business Improvement District’s (JQBID) clean team spotted itl before anyone knew it was a Banksy and thought about cleaning graffiti off.


Dennis Cluley tells Birmingham Live: “I nearly took it off, it’s only the fact that it is so big and it would have taken me days that stopped me.

“It’s very odd for me not to take graffiti off.”

Cluley was very relieved he didn’t wipe out the now-famous mural.

Luke Crane, executive director of the JQBID, adds: “Luckily he didn’t quite follow through with this one. We discussed getting rid of it, it would have been a different story, if we had removed it.

“At the end of the day it is graffiti but there’s a fine line between graffiti and art.”

The piece has been vandalised though, with someone spraying red nose on the reindeer.

JQBID are doing all they can to protect the piece, which can be seen on Vyse Street opposite Pete Smith’s jewellery studio and workshop.