The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham has recycled 127,000 kg of waste during the first year of a new recycling scheme, it has been announced.

Partnering with First Mile Recycling, The Jewellery Quarter Business Improvement District (JQBID) has helped over 120 businesses sign up to the subsidised recycling scheme.

First Mile is national waste management company committed to increasing the number of ways that waste can be recycled for all sizes and types of businesses.


Diverting the 127,000 kilograms of waste from landfill means there is less strain on the environment and provides unique opportunities to recycle the materials into new products.

An estimated 96 tonnes of C02 has been saved from being released into the atmosphere, with the introduction of the new scheme.

The JQBID has seen a huge range of businesses signing up to the recycling scheme from local bars and restaurants, to jewellers, retailers, hair salons and even local museums.

Vinny Madhar, recycling advisor for the Jewellery Quarter, said: “The JQBID was one of the first BID partnerships that First Mile worked within Birmingham, and its success has really helped pave the way for BID partnerships in the city.

“Since October last year we have worked closely with the JQBID to sign up members to our hassle-free, green recycling services, helping over 120 businesses to improve their recycling rates and contribute towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Birmingham.

“Working closely with the JQBID and the local community has helped us to consolidate waste collections, leading to fewer vehicles on the road, whilst also providing cost-savings for local businesses. We look forward to continuing our positive work with JQBID and are excited about the future.”

JQDT Executive Director, Luke Crane added: “Making the Quarter greener and more sustainable is one of our key objectives and we are delighted that the JQ business community has seized this opportunity to improve the rates of recycling and the range of items being re-purposed rather than going to landfill.

“Our partners, First Mile, have truly delivered on their promise of a more convenient and effective recycling scheme.”