Extra bobbies on the beat in Jewellery Quarter in run up to Christmas.

The British Jewellers’ Association (BJA) is working closely with the West Midlands police force to improve security in the run-up to Christmas in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter and Hockley area.

Two extra police constables will be walking the beat in the areas in the mornings and at close of business, key security times for jewellers. There will also be extra community support officers assisting the police officers in creating a visible police presence.


The extra policing will start on September 27 and will last for three months. Due to police budgetary restraints, West Midlands police will not be able to provide extra beat police after the three-month period but the BJA is hoping that its members in the area can all chip in to come up with enough money to continue the scheme after Christmas.

Lyndsey Straughton of the BJA said: “The BJA is focusing its efforts on continuing this additional support through member participation.”