BJA chief executive Simon Rainer presents framework for UK SMEs.

The British Jewellers’ Association (BJA) has launched its first jewellery-specific Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework, which can be adapted and adopted by SMEs across the UK.

The BJA’s plan to introduce its Jewellers’ Social Responsibility Framework (JSR) was initially presented to the industry at International Jewellery London (IJL), where it received a positive reception.


Now, the framework allows small to medium jewellery businesses to adapt and adopt the model and integrate it into their own operations.

According to an official BJA press release: “Whilst CSR frameworks are normally practised by large industrial and commercial concerns, the very term ‘Corporate’ does not resonate well with the SMES who make up the majority of employers in the UK jewellery industry.”

BJA chief executive Simon Rainer has spent the last three years understanding how basic socially responsible business practices can be of benefit to the BJA membership.

Rainer commented: “What I have seen in my visits and meetings with BJA members is their growing willingness to engage with socially responsible business practices. Many are undertaking basic CSR concepts without fully realising the journey they have started. What the JSR framework provides is an easy to follow, jewellery industry specific step by step guide to install a complete programme.”

The JSR framework explains in detail the required engagement with supply chain due diligence, industry regulation, staff, suppliers, the local community and the environment.

Rainer continued: “Ultimately, it will come down to ‘what’s in it for me’ and the JSR framework explains how companies will reap competitive advantage in developing unique attributes for their businesses which will be recognized by all.

“Our main aim for the BJA membership and the industry as a whole is to help companies grow their businesses. What better way than to future proof them against the growing tide of regulation, and consumer discernment on where they choose to buy their jewellery.”

The BJA has been supported by Professor Marylyn Carrigan, director at Coventry University’s Centre for Business in Society, in creating the JSR framework.

Professor Carrigan commented: “At a time when many industries are being challenged to demonstrate their ethical credentials, the JSR is a timely initiative from the BJA to encourage and support jewellery firms to tangibly contribute towards a more transparent and responsible supply chain.

“This is a forward thinking step for the industry and will provide important reassurances to customers – both business to business and consumer.”

The Jewellers’ Social Responsibility framework can be viewed here.