James Thompson, founder of Black Badger, has started a social media campaign to counteract a KickStarter scheme which appears to be selling his designs under a new name.

The designer who specialises in carbon rings with a glow interior is encouraging fans of his products to post with the hashtags #originalblackbadger and #stoppoachingbadgers in order to raise awareness.

Thompson comments: “A very odd situation has popped up in the last week here, someone who follows me on Instagram has started a Kickstarter campaign selling one of my designs as his own. In particular, my Portal ring (carbon ring with a glow interior). This person has now raised almost $150,000 for their campaign using my unique design.”


KickStarter has suggested this is not a copyright or intellectual property issue, despite reports that the campaign directly references Black Badger on its Facebook page.

Thompson continues: “A market I created is being totally flooded with cheap copies of my work, and as it’s impossible to internationally patent works like this, I seem to be out of luck.”