Bleeding robber jailed


DNA from a cut connects man to £365,000 Bromwich jewellery raid.

Max Williams, 22, has been jailed for eight years after cutting his hand during a 90 minute gang raid of SK Jewellers in West Bromwich.

DNA from the accident, where William cut himself on broken glass, was later discover by police at the scene of the crime and submitted as evidence before Wolverhampton Crown Court.

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The gang of three used a battering ram to break into the store, after which cabinets were broken into with a sledgehammer and crowbar, and gold necklaces were stolen.

The robbers reportedly shouted at the six staff and one female customer on the premises to get out before carrying out their raid.

Judge Michael Challinor said to Williams: "This was a planned and sophisticated offence. The owners of the jewellery shop were terrified."

The stolen jewellery, worth £365,000, has yet to be recovered.

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