Bridal brand named principle sponsor; awards launch on May 7.

Bridal jewellery manufacturer Brown & Newirth has announced a five-year sponsorship of Holts Academy’s graduation awards.

The brand has become principle sponsor of the annual awards ceremony, which debuts on May 7. The first awards will be held at the Guildhall in London, with more than 500 invite-only guests from the UK jewellery industry set to attend.


The ceremony will also feature an exhibition of student work and is the biggest ever in the history of Holts Academy.

Brown & Newirth sales director John Ball said: “Brown & Newirth are extremely proud of our working partnership with Holts Academy and delighted to announce the principal sponsorship of the Academy’s Graduation Awards which we have signed until 2017.

"As a company we place extremely highly the need to build a future skill base of UK based designers and technical manufacturing skills. Brown & Newirth has benefitted from the Academy’s educational courses to enhance our existing skill base as well as employing apprentices to build the future of British design and manufacture."

Holts Academy strives to support, promote and educate UK jewellery talent across design and technical skills.

The principal of Holts Academy, Lee Lucas, said: “We are delighted not only that Brown & Newirth share this passion but that they are demonstrating their commitment through this sponsorship arrangement which will allow us to deliver learner focused celebratory events each year.

Brown & Newirth has also entered into an apprenticeship scheme with Holts Academy. Holts’ students will work at its manufactory in Hatfield, with Brown & Newirth planning to enrol its staff members on training courses at Holts, with a focus on CAD design.

Ball added: "We want to invest in the future of British manufacturing and design and we are delighted that Holts Academy is providing training and apprenticeship schemes dedicated to the jewellery industry."