Bobby White to shoot new campaign

Brand plans to retain sexy look but with less extreme shoot.

Bobby White is shooting a new promotional campaign next week.

The luxury jeweller has courted controversy in the past for his raunchy shoots, with his current campaign featuring a fully nude model draped in his jewels.

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White said that the new campaign will not be “as extreme” as his last. However he added: “I’m not toning it down but it will be different, a little bit darker but still with that sexy look..”

The current campaign has caused a stir, with one retailer at Professional Jeweller’s Hot 100 party branding him as “disgusting”. But White is undeterred.

“We always like to do shocking pics and it’s worked for us; if you upset one person, you get business somewhere else,” said White. “We’re never going to be Cartier and we’re never going to be Tiffany. We’re from the east end of London and we have to be what we have to be.”

The new Bobby White campaign is being shot in London next week.

For more on Bobby White read our exclusive interview in the November issue of Professional Jeweller.



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