More than half of UK jewellery executives are receiving additional income on top of their basic salary for meeting targets set by their employers.

Initial findings from the Professional Jeweller and WatchPro Job Satisfaction and Salary Survey show that 53% of respondents currently earn performance-related bonuses.

While the results are no doubt influenced by the fact that around 70% of respondents are employed in middle to senior management positions (including owners and CEOs), where performance-related bonuses tend to reflect levels of responsibility, it suggests that jewellery firms are increasingly willing to reward employees for excelling in their roles.


More interestingly, in excess of a third of executives say the bonuses they have earned in 2015 have improved on the previous 12 months.

The full results of the Job Satisfaction and Salary Survey will be published in the January edition of WatchPro, and will include average salaries for certain job titles and regions of the UK.

The survey remains open for another week, and we urge everybody to take part in order to create the best possible data.

The survey is completely anonymous. It does not ask for any contact information and does not attach e-mail addresses to the surveys as they are completed so there is no way of knowing who has provided the answers.