British jeweller Boodles has taken a step towards becoming more sustainable by joining forces with Betts Metals to use ethical gold in designs.

Boodles and Betts Metals have worked together for many decades, but this new partnership will see the two British firms work together to offer consumers sustainable luxury.

Metal refiner, Betts, announced earlier this year that it could now offer ‘single mine origin’ (SMO) gold to jewellers.


The source of most gold is not simple to trace, in part because gold in jewellery is usually melted together from a different number of sources.

SMO however provides a solution to this challenge as the gold is sourced from a single, highly ethical mining operation and refined without coming into contact with any other gold.

For this new collaboration, Boodles will be working with Betts Metals to produce earrings, necklaces and bracelets using SMO gold.

Boodles director, Jody Wainright, tells Professional Jeweller: “In partnership with Hummingbird, Betts established ‘single mine origin’ (SMO) gold, as an accreditation brand to ensure traceability on the whole supply chain of the metal from production to our jewellery; and to ensure that consumers could wear jewellery with pride knowing that it came from a responsible source that was actively contributing to the local region.

“Betts control the entire process, from production at the mine, smelting & refining and then delivering into our hands.

“We are proud to announce that this exciting source of gold is now being used in Boodles’ jewellery designs.”

From now on Boodles will produce and sell gold jewellery using this single origin gold refined by Betts Metals in Birmingham and produced from the Yanfolila gold mine in Mali.