Cadfolio founder, Ryan Edkins, has turned author with the official launched of his debut book ‘The Digital Jeweller’.

Jewellery industry professionals could finally get their hands on the eagerly awaited book, which launched to the public for the very first time at International Jewellery London on Sunday.

The Digital Jeweller helps jewellery retailers navigate the ongoing disruption that is hitting the industry by offering an easy-to-follow four step method to building a thriving jewellery retail business both online and in store.


Author, Ryan Edkins, explains: “The jewellery industry like others is going through a digital transformation.  Those retailers who have already embraced technology are ahead of most, but only just. To ensure that your business thrives in the digital economy we find ourselves in today, it is important now more than ever, to position your website at the core of your business. Your website is your new digital shop window, and should be treated as such.”

As the owner of a physical jewellery retail business, Ryan Edkins is on the right side of the battle. He is a true advocate for the jewellery industry, and has the knowledge and expertise to bring the best elements of digital and physical retail together.

Our editor, who wrote the foreword for the book, adds: “I found this book insightful, practical, and through. Whether you are just starting on your omnichannel journey, or looking to take business to the next level, this book has something to offer everyone in the industry.”

Those attending the Professional Jeweller Awards will receive a free copy, whilst Edkins will be selling them for the reminder of IJL.