E-commerce specialist Back on the Highstreet (BOTH) has released a video call package setup kit for use by companies hoping to sell their products via Zoom and other video call services.

The package includes a host of products to add shine to a business’s video call aesthetics.

These include a 2mx2m personalised company banner with logo, slogan and contact details.


Additionally, the package includes a laptop or camera elevation unit and a colour-adjustable lighting system comprising 40 lights.

The aluminium and plastic banner, meanwhile, is freestanding and can be packed away into a bag.

The lighting comes with a remote control, as well as different lighting levels and a time option.

The video call package setup kit from BOTH comes in at under £500, with the company saying that it could mean the difference between making a sale and missing out on one.

Find out more on the link below: https://both.one/product/video-call-package-setup-kit