Pinterest has pros and cons for online retailers as Boticca has found out.

Pinterest offers higher spend and new business but lower conversion.

Online jewellery and accessories retailer Boticca has released the findings of an investigation it has led into the benefits of social networking sites Pinterest and Facebook that has discovered that Pinterest delivers more spend and more new business.

The findings were taken from 50,000 visits to Boticca from Facebook and 50,000 visits to Boticca from Pinterest.


Boticca found that the average spend of customers linking through to its site from Pinterest was £115 versus £55 for those clicking through from Facebook. It also found that Pinterest influenced 10% of transactions while Facebook influenced just 7%.

Pinterest has also helped Boticca to secure more new business than Facebook, with the former generating 86% new business while Facebook generated 57% new business.

Conversely, however, Boticca found that Pinterest users are not as engaged as Facebook users. Its investigation found that Pinterest users spend 65% less time on its site than those clicking through from Facebook and 70% less time than the site average. Pinterest shoppers also look at 44% less pages than Facebook shoppers and 52% less than the general site average.

It also found that while Pinterest brings advantages such as higher spend and new business, it has damaged its conversion rates. Shoppers clicking through from Pinterest have 51% lower conversion rates than those from Facebook and 73% lower conversion than the site average.

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