Boxing Day sales smash records

£2bn spent yesterday and sales spree expected to rise to £5bn.

A flood of bargain-hunting shoppers smashed sales records yesterday as an estimated £2 billion was spent in Boxing Day sales.

Experts are claiming that 11 million people took to the high streets and shopping centres in search of a bargain, and the figure is expected to keep rising today with a forecasted £5 billion expected to be spent in the first 48 hours of the sales.

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If this figure is achieved it would mean that retailers’ takings would be up 1.5% on last year.

Online sales also enjoyed a year-on-year uplift. Web sales on Boxing Day hit £368 million, up 12% on last year’s takings.


£2bn spent on Boxing Day
£5bn expected to be spent by close of shops today
11m people went shopping on Boxing Day
250,000 people shopped at Selfridges London on Boxing Day
£1.3m was the hourly spent in Selfridges at one point during the day
£15m was spent in the first three hours of the sales in London’s West End
80,000 shoppers flooded to the Brent Cross shopping centre in north London
£368m was spent online on Boxing Day
90,000 shoppers hit the Highcross centre in Leicester
£1,000 a minute was spent in Brent Cross
2am is the time that shoppers started queing outside Birmingham’s Bullring
5am is when shoppers turned up at Cabot Circus in Bristol



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