BP sponsored art show launches


Grays School of Art students exhibit jewellery at the show on June 18.

BP may be hoping to win back some of its lost shine with its sponsorship of the Gray’s School of Art Degree Show this Friday.

The show will feature three budding jewellers from the school. Student Hannah, 22, from Levenwick in Shetland, has created a unique collection all about finding comfort in the familiar. She is interested in how we frame our relationship with objects through touch, and European influences on her work have spurred on the use of materials such as wood, rubber and fabric.

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The end result is that wearer should be able to take the feeling they get from relaxing on a sofa or playing with a stress ball around with them to enhance their everyday lives.

Hannah said: "I want to create jewellery that does more than decorate. Wood is softer than precious metals and squidgy materials such as rubber can be comforting as well as attractive.

“One of my pieces is a giant necklace made from cushioned fabric that wraps round the neck almost like a piece of a sofa, and some of the rings I have created double up as play toys. I started looking at ornaments and how the home is an extension of self and I see jewellery as an extension to this."

Heather Sawers, 21, from Linlithgow, has created a collection of sculptural pieces of jewellery for her Degree Show exhibit. Her theme is all about protection and some of the necklaces she has made wrap right round the wearer’s face. She has stretched silk across a number of her creations and likes the idea of capturing personal imagery that catches the light and reflects shadow onto the wearer’s body.

Heather said: "I see body jewellery as an extension of myself and my personality. In some ways my work is about being brave enough to wear statement jewellery at the same time as protecting yourself from criticism by making it hide part of your face.

“I have made some smaller pieces which follow the same theme but are made out of precious materials. Ultimately, I would really like to create catwalk pieces someday as a lot of my creations are complete one-offs."

Denisa Ciernikova, 23, who is originally from Banska Bystrica in Slovakia, spent four years studying traditional jewellery making at secondary school before she came to study 3D Design at Robert Gordon University’s Gray’s School of Art in Scotland. She decided that she would like to learn more about modern techniques through her Degree Show project and has become increasingly interested in raising questions about the value of jewellery.

Her recent works are made with plastics and resin and she has set about combining cheaper materials with precious stones. Denisa spent three months working on an organic farm in Austria and took lots of photographs, which she uses to inspire her work.

Denisa said: "I have treated the plastics as if they are precious metals, applying specialist techniques to create something pleasant and eye-catching. I hope to make people feel more comfortable with wearing plastic by making it pretty.”

Gray’s School of Art Degree Show 2010, sponsored by BP, will be launched on Friday 18 June. The show will be open to the public from 19 to 26 June. For more information, visit:

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