Brand aiming to fill gap in fine designer jewellery market.

London-based fine jewellery brand Braesen will make its debut at IJL this weekend, offering fine jewellery designed to compete against other luxury goods such as clothing and shoes.

The brand will showcase a number of collections in 18ct gold at its stand A69, with designs set with coloured gemstones and diamonds, with collections designed in-house to appeal to "the modern, elegant, sophisticated and glamorous woman".


A statement from the brand said today’s women often seek original items of jewellery and that competition is no longer between fine jewellery brands but other products in the luxury sector. It says the structure of the jewellery sector has made it difficult for fine designer jewellery to be noticed beyond the realms of bridal and diamond pieces.

Braesen marketing manager Vinay Soudakar said: "The UK luxury market is one of the largest in Europe, but unlike other European countries, luxury expenditure figures in the UK incline more towards clothing and accessory expenditure, such as branded bags, shoes, and belts than towards jewellery expenditure.

“While some claim that the underlying reason is cultural, in fact, it is because of the structure of the jewellery sector. Unlike other products, luxury goods are not demand-led products, the need for these goods is created. Where most of the industry focuses on bridal and diamond jewellery, fine designer jewellery has been neglected."

Braesen, a play on the English word ‘brazen’, is the sister brand to Manja Jewellery, which offers sterling silver and gem-set designs.  

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