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BRAND CHAMPIONS 2021: Arabel Lebrusan, creative director, Lebrusan Studio

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Ethical jewellery phenom Arabel Lebrusan has put in over 15 years of work in the industry, but this past 12 months could have been her best yet.

After having previously given a TEDx Talk, the creative director decided to continue sharing her industry knowledge through a series of weekly online Q&A sessions, entitled ‘Ask Arabel’.

She is also a member of Fair Luxury, taking its pledge to be kind to the world around us through Lebrusan Studio’s business practice, specifically through a fundraising initiative designed to help eliminate child labour.

The brand’s Ruby McGonigle sums up Arabel, saying: “Through her hard work and innovation, she is helping to transform the jewellery industry into one that evenly distributes wealth amongst all those within it, ensures safe working conditions and protects human rights throughout the supply chain, and operates in a way that conserves the natural environment for generations to come.”



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