London-based Astrid & Miyu is a brand to watch.

Founder, Connie Nam, has transformed the affordable jewellery brand from an e-commerce based business to a successful wholesale and brick and mortar package.

Working quietly behind the scenes in the industry, Nam has been pulling out all the stops to see Astrid & Miyu strive in the market… and she never rests on her laurels.


She knows in a competitive environment you’ve got to think fast and find ways to stand out.

The most successful initiative she has launched is the Astrid & Miyu piercing salons.

What originally started as an extra service offer at the brand’s flagship, soon rolled out into all Astrid & Miyu stores due to high customer demand.

In turn, the brand hosted successful pop-up piercing boutiques, before expanding its permanent retail footprint in London.

Moreover, the likes of Selfridges came knocking at the brand’s door asking to be a part of this lucrative business venture.

Most recently, Astrid & Miyu became one of the first fashion brands to offer an affordable lab-grown diamonds jewellery line. Jumping on the trend early, Astrid & Miyu has received widespread coverage on social media from customers and influencers impressed with the ethical offer.

After making a success of her own brand, the founder is now offering out her services to help small businesses that have been affected by COVID-19.