Emma Burgin has been integral to the Alex Monroe journey since she joined the company in 2006.

Emma graduated from art school with a degree in jewellery design, and started work as a part time administration assistant at Alex Monroe.

She quickly rose through the ranks, and in 2015 she was made Alex Monroe’s right hand person and chief operating officer of the business.


Where Alex Monroe has led the design of the brand’s products, Burgin has carefully developed the company into the internationally respected and much loved brand that it is today.

While Emma has experience in all the diverse departments within the business; from admin, to dispatch, production, press, wholesale and brand strategy, her principle contribution has been to carefully nurture the brand and shape its reputation. She has the ultimate say in the final design edits, and also keeps firm control on how the jewellery is marketed and sold.

Furthermore, Burgin champions the many ethical, environmental and charitable projects the business is involved in.

The team describe Burgin as its “number one brand ambassador”. Her style and manner perfectly reflects the brands ethos; wearable jewellery inspired by nature and British eccentricity.

Burgin is deeply admired in the business and is an inspiration to all the women who work in the company. Unsurprisingly, her passion, dedication and loyalty to the company has had a rippling effect on her team.