When Kate Walsh took over the reins at Pandora UK just over a year ago, she was not given an easy task.

Before she had time to settle in, get to grips with a new market and charge forward with plans to elevate the brand in the UK, Pandora also announced its forceful transformation programme, Programme NOW, which Walsh had to navigate alongside a major brand overhaul, which saw England become one of the main hubs for experimenting with the company’s new expression stores. Needless to say it was a busy start for Walsh and the COVID-19 crisis is certainly not making her second year in charge any easier.

That being said, Walsh has taken everything in her stride, and continues to lead by example as she invests heavily in the people of Pandora, ensuring everyone feels like they have a voice, from the directors at head office to the frontline operators securing sales on the shop floor.


As the managing director of Pandora UK, Walsh believes her ultimate role is to sell, and with that in mind, being on the shop floor is one of her favourite places to be.

It is on the shop floor that she gets to experience first-hand what it is like the sell the brand and hear direct feedback from the market and see what a day in the life looks like for her store employees. It is little wonder then that since Walsh has been in charge of the UK employee engagement has increased as she has ensured Pandora is a place people want to work and build a career.